Who’s Responsible for Injuries Caused by Poor Apartment Building Upkeep?

Published on Nov 12, 2020 at 10:23 am in Slip and Fall Accidents.
Who’s Responsible for Injuries Caused by Poor Apartment Building Upkeep?

When you rent an apartment in an apartment building, it’s likely that some of the upkeep for your unit and the building is the responsibility of the property owner or the building manager. While you might be responsible for certain maintenance, your landlord or the company you’re renting from probably has maintenance workers for your building who fix certain problems. When proper maintenance isn’t done, though, who is responsible for any injuries you suffer because of the building flaws?

There are certain safety aspects in your apartment building that you are not responsible for, and if you get injured as a result of those shortcomings, then you could have a premises liability case to file. Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law in Biloxi can help you recover what you deserve for the injuries that you suffered because of someone else’s negligence.

Let’s take a look at who is responsible for injuries caused by poor apartment building upkeep in Mississippi.

Mississippi Property Owning Laws

Apartment buildings typically have staff designated for maintenance and keeping the building up to standards for safety. Some apartment buildings don’t have proper maintenance, though, and parts of the building can fall into disrepair. This is dangerous for tenants and visitors alike because if the building is not kept safe, you can easily get injured from dangerous things like dilapidated stairs, slippery surfaces, or falling ceiling tiles.

When a property owner is negligent and allows their property to become dangerous, then other people on the property could fall victim to a slip and fall accident. Slip and falls can lead to serious harm for the person who falls, like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. If negligence directly led to the person’s injuries, then the property owner, or whoever is in charge of maintaining the property, could be held liable.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe for their visitors. If their grounds are unsafe and they’re aware of the issue, and they don’t alert their visitors of the danger, then they are knowingly subjecting visitors and tenants to danger that could cause them harm. Some property owners could claim that they weren’t aware of the danger on their property, but it could be argued that they should have known within a reasonable amount of time about the danger.

Corban Gunn can help you through the claim process where a property owner was at fault for your injury. Our expert team knows how to argue for your rights and will properly investigate your claim. We’ll figure out what we can effectively argue to defend you, and how we can best hold the property owner liable for your injuries.

Proving You Weren’t at Fault

Even though your slip and fall lawyer will be focusing on proving the property owner was responsible for the apartment building upkeep and their failure to upkeep the grounds led to your injury, they’ll also be focusing on how to prove you weren’t partially at fault for that injury in any way.

With the help of your lawyer, you’ll be able to determine if you were responsible for the upkeep that led to your injury. If you were not the person responsible for that upkeep, and it was up to the property owner, building manager, or another entity, then your injury likely wasn’t your fault.

After Mississippi Senate Bill 2901 was passed in 2019, it became harder for people hurt on a business owner’s property to file a claim against them. That’s why it’s important that you hire a Biloxi attorney to help you handle your case. We’ll fight to prove you weren’t at fault for your injury, and hold the business owner, property owner, or whoever is liable responsible for the damage done.

Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law Will Help You

If you suffer an injury on apartment building property that was poorly maintained and you weren’t responsible for the injury, you shouldn’t have to deal with the costs associated with your injuries. Your medical bills, treatment costs, and lost wages shouldn’t be your responsibility since you didn’t cause the injury that led to these bills. Mississippi attorney, Corban Gunn, will help you recover financially from the injury and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today so that we can start working on your claim right away.



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