When is a Mechanic at Fault for a Malfunctioning Car?

Published on Oct 16, 2018 at 12:01 pm in Car Accidents.
When is a Mechanic at Fault for a Malfunctioning Car?

As a responsible car owner, you’ve probably taken your car into the shop for regular maintenance, oil changes, and tire rotations; however, there may come a time when your car needs to be repaired. Whether you need new brakes or an ignition coil replacement, you’ll need to find a mechanic you’re comfortable with.

Once you do, you’ll enter into a contract with the mechanic, who will agree to fix your car for a predetermined price. Days later you’ll pick up your car, excited to have it back; however, what if your drive home doesn’t go as planned? What if the brakes you just have replaced cease to work and you end up rear-ending someone at a stoplight? What now?

The answer to that question is found back at the shop you just left. In the event you can prove a mechanic caused you to suffer a loss, you may be able to hold them negligent for your malfunctioning car.

Here are a variety of instances where you may have a solid case to hold a negligent mechanic responsible for a malfunctioning car:

  • If the mechanic failed to make the agreed repairs
  • If the mechanic failed to identify a major issue during the initial diagnostic check
  • If the mechanic’s repairs were substandard

Holding a Negligent Mechanic Responsible  

Holding the mechanic responsible can be difficult because they may not want to admit their mistake for fear of losing customers or their job; however, it’s important they are made liable, so you can recover your losses and so that no one else is put in this difficult situation.

If you believe the mechanic is at fault for your car’s malfunction, there are multiple steps you can take. First, you can contact the shop directly and explain the matter. They may be willing to discuss the incident and come to an agreement. You also have the option to write a demand letter. A demand letter explains the accident, why you think the accident happened, and what you’d like in return for compensation. These options, unfortunately, do not always work.

In some scenarios, you may be unable to receive the compensation you deserve from a negligent mechanic without the help of legal representation. With the right car accident attorney in Mississippi, you may be able to collect the evidence you need from an expert to prove the car accident was a result of the mechanic’s mistakes. Contact us online today for a free consultation.



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