Truck Accident in Hancock County

Published on May 5, 2016 at 4:10 pm in General.
Truck Accident in Hancock County

A severe accident on Interstate 10 in Hancock County on Monday, May 3, resulted in the deaths of three individuals and serious injuries to three more. The crash involved at least four but possibly as many as five vehicles, two of which were semi-trucks. Due to the substantial damage sustained by the vehicles involved in the crash, authorities are continuing to try and piece together what happened that caused the wreck.

The accident occurred in the westbound lanes of the 10 interstate near mile marker two, just before the Pearl River Bridge. A portion of the highway in that area was under construction, resulting in the closure of the left lane. At approximately 9 pm Monday evening, the forward-most 18-wheeler slowed down due to the construction, as did the passenger vehicle traveling behind it. Unfortunately, the tractor-trailer behind the car either did not notice the slowing traffic in time, or did not have enough time to stop. The truck rear-ended the car, sending it into the truck in front, and causing three people to be thrown from the vehicle. A fourth vehicle also careened into the car.

The two people riding in the front seat of the car were extracted by the Jaws of Life, but had been killed in the crash. A third victim thrown from the car passed away later on Monday evening, after being transferred to the hospital. Two more victims were transferred to local hospitals in critical condition. Lanes remained closed until 2:30 am on Tuesday while authorities cleared the scene, resulting in some drivers stopped behind the crash for over four hours, waiting to pass. A spokesman from the Mississippi Highway Patrol estimates that a full investigation of the accident will require weeks because of  the condition of the vehicles.

Caution is urged for all drivers in construction zones

Due to the confusion caused by lane closures, debris that can end up spilling out into the road, and bright lights used by night crews, construction zones can be especially prone to causing accidents. While drivers must take responsibility for driving cautiously through areas marked as being under construction, state highway maintenance authorities are likewise obligated to make conditions as safe as possible for passing drivers, and they can be found liable for resulting accidents where the construction work negligently posed a threat to the safety of passing drivers.

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