Double-Trailer Truck Accident Attorney

You’ve probably seen the massive double-trailer trucks cruising alongside your car down the highway. These huge vehicles can be intimidating to drive alongside when you’re in a passenger vehicle that’s a fraction of the size. As you might be able to guess, double-trailer trucks—also known as double-bottom trucks or longer combination vehicles (LCVs)—are simply less safe than tractor-trailers or other large vehicles. Not only are the vehicles themselves capable of doing more damage in a collision, but the demands imposed by driving double-trailer trucks leave drivers more susceptible to being involved in an accident. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident in Mississippi involving a double-trailer truck, contact Gulf Coast truck accident lawyer Corban Gunn for a free evaluation of your claim.

Double-trailer trucks are more difficult to control

Even among the most careful truck drivers, double-trailer trucks simply are not as stable as single-trailer trucks. Slight sideways movement in the cab can have an exaggerated effect in the first trailer, and an even-more-exaggerated effect in the final trailer. This multiplied effect of movement can result in a phenomenon known as the “crack the whip” effect, causing the last trailer to swing out and rob the driver of control of the vehicle.

In addition to the control-robbing effects resulting from the movement of the trailers, double-trailer trucks are frequently heavier than single-trailer trucks. Often, single-trailer semi-trucks and 18-wheelers reach full volume before reaching the maximum applicable weight limit. Double-trailer trucks allow carrier companies to ship loads at the maximum legal weight limit, resulting in vehicles that are even heavier and harder to bring to a stop than single-trailer semi-trucks.

Filing a claim against a carrier company requires experience

Claims based on tractor-trailer accidents are not as straightforward as those resulting from accidents with other passenger vehicles. A complex and ever-changing body of federal rules imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) governs commercial transportation and trucking. In order to mount a successful claim for damages based on a trucking accident, it is critical that your attorney know and understand these laws, and use proof that the rules were violated to support claims for damages. These double-trailer accident claims not only involve different laws, but necessitate specialized forms of crash scene investigations and physical evidence. Corban Gunn is an experienced Mississippi truck accident lawyer who knows how to litigate double-trailer accident claims. He is well-versed in the laws applying to large trucks and the nuances of factual investigations into the circumstances surrounding double-trailer truck crashes. Corban Gunn will implement this knowledge by representing you with diligence and vigor in your claim for money damages after a Mississippi Gulf Coast truck accident.

Help is Available for Serious Mississippi Gulf Coast Truck Accidents

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