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When a passenger vehicle experiences a tire blowout, there are not usually catastrophic consequences for vehicles on the road nearby. When a big rig or semi-truck experiences a blowout, however, the results can be violent and even deadly. Truck accidents caused by tires can often be prevented with proper inspection and maintenance, and a failure to take these basic steps can result in liability for transportation and carrier companies. If you have been the victim of a truck accident in Mississippi, speak with an attorney as soon as possible about your right to compensation, and contact Gulfport truck accident attorney Corban Gunn for a consultation.

Semi-truck tires require regular maintenance

Truck drivers and carrier companies must perform certain maintenance tasks each day to ensure that a truck is safe for the road. This maintenance should include inspection of tire walls for signs of damage; checking tire pressure to ensure adequate inflation; and checking for signs of excessive wear, such as cracked rubber, low tread, or visible threads or belts. Failure to perform this maintenance could cause drivers to miss signs of tire damage that could result in a blowout.

Trailer loads must be within legal weight limits and properly balanced

Not only can a failure to perform regular maintenance cause tires to fail, but so can improper loading of cargo. Federal regulations impose limits on the maximum amount that commercial trucks can carry when traveling on interstate highways, and also require drivers and shipping companies to ensure that the load is balanced evenly in the trailer. If a truck is illegally overloaded beyond the weight-bearing abilities of the tires, or the unbalanced load places excessive pressure on one tire, a serious blowout can result.

Tire manufacturers or repair shops may be responsible for injury accidents

When you’re hurt in an accident, you may end up with unmanageably high medical expenses. If you’ve also been forced to miss work due to your injuries, you may be wondering how you’ll make ends meet without help. At the Law Offices of Corban Gunn, we understand the heavy toll that a serious accident can take on your finances. As a result, our attorneys will explore every available avenue for recovery to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re owed. This may include investigating alternate sources of liability, such as the manufacturer of the tire that caused your accident, or the repair shop that installed or maintained the tires.

Tire blowouts in large trucks can cause serious crashes

Large trucks and big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 lbs when fully loaded. A truck of this size and weight requires the use of a substantial tire inflated with a great deal of pressure. When a massive tire like this is ruptured, flying pieces of tire can travel at high speeds and cause serious damage. Drivers may need to swerve to avoid tire debris, or may experience large pieces of tire that collide with their windshield, obscuring their vision or even shattering the glass.

Take action to pursue your claim for damages

After you’re hurt in an accident, don’t wait to take action in pursuit of a claim for money damages. Find out if your physical injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering may entitle you to file a lawsuit by contacting the aggressive, knowledgeable, and trial-ready Gulfport personal injury and truck accident lawyer Corban Gunn for a free consultation on your claims, at 228.284.6805.



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