Train and Charter Bus Accident in Biloxi

Published on Mar 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm in General, Local News.

A major train and charter bus collision occurred this afternoon (Tuesday, March 3rd 2017) just before 2:30 PM at a railroad crossing in Biloxi, Mississippi. It happened when a charter bus was heading north on Main Street and a CSX freight train was heading east. The two collided, resulting in a major accident.

According to SunHerald’s coverage, roughly 50 passengers were on the bus. The charter bus was from Austin, Texas. Several injuries have been reported at this time, some of which occurred to passengers who were under the bus when the train hit. According to an eyewitness, the bus was stuck on the tracks for roughly five minutes before the train arrived.

This is the second time in a period of two months that a train has collided with a vehicle in Biloxi. In January of this year, a major truck accident occurred between a Pepsi delivery truck and a CSX freight train. The truck became stuck on the steep incline at the railroad tracks and couldn’t get out of the way. The train tried to stop but was unable to do so in time.

When multiple major accidents like this occur within a fairly small time frame, it’s only natural to wonder what we can do to avoid such tragedies. While the full details of today’s charter bus and train accident are still being processed, it’s never too early to speculate about what happened and why. If the incline at the railroad crossing between Main Street and Esters Blvd. helped cause this accident, that crossing may need to be redone or relocated.

It’s also possible that negligence played a role. Negligence causes a surprisingly large portion of our city’s car accidents and other types of vehicle collisions across the state of Mississippi.

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