Spinal Cord Injury

Attorney Corban Gunn represents clients who have suffered devastating spinal cord injuries. Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, personal injury attorney Corban Gunn provides experience and skilled legal advice to clients who have been seriously injured as a result of an accident. Spinal cord injuries are particularly debilitating and require expensive and extensive medical care. Biloxi, MS spinal cord injury lawyer Corban Gunn will fight to ensure that you receive compensation for your spinal cord injuries to help pay for your needs and expenses.

Accidents Can Lead to Serious Spinal Cord Injuries

Car crashes and serious falls like slip and fall accidents are the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord is made up of long nerve fibers and neurons, and along with the brain, make up the central nervous system. Most spinal cord injuries result from trauma to the vertebrae – the bones surrounding the spinal cord. When the vertebrae of the spinal column have been damaged, it can lead to nerve damage and loss of physiological functions controlled by these nerves.

This loss of function is due to the damaged vertebrae cutting off the spinal cord’s ability to transmit messages to any portion of the spinal column below the injury. Arms, legs, and other portions of the body can be affected. If the accident or blow to the cervical (neck) portion results in paralysis of most of the body, this is called tetraplegia or quadriplegia. Damage to the thoracic or lumbar area in the upper, middle, or lower back that results in paralysis of the lower extremities is called paraplegia.

Spinal cord injuries can affect a person’s basic daily functions, thereby making once basic tasks difficult or impossible. People with spinal cord injuries can suffer loss of sexual function as well as loss of or dysfunction of the bladder and bowels. In addition to paralysis, persons with spinal cord injuries can also experience the following:

  • Breathing/respiratory problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Circulatory Problems
  • Pressure sores/ulcers
  • Intense pain
  • Depression

Spinal cord injuries are classified into two groups: complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that there is a complete loss of function below the site of the injury. This is due to the spinal column being unable to transmit or receive messages to and from portions below the injury. A complete injury has less likelihood of recovering function of the paralyzed body part(s). Although nothing is impossible, it is certainly a difficult road ahead.

An incomplete injury occurs where there is still some nerve function and the spinal cord was not totally severed. Typically, incomplete injuries have a greater likelihood of recovering some degree of function. Beginning immediate treatment for your spinal cord injuries is paramount to your recovering functionality of your extremities or other bodily functions.

Due to the serious and life changing injuries resulting from a spinal cord injury, attorney Corban Gunn will aggressively pursue your case to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to, including lost wages, medical costs/expenses, and pain and suffering.

Experienced Biloxi Personal Injury Attorney to Provide Legal Help for Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can have life-altering effects on the injured individual as well as his or her family. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident or due to another person’s negligent or criminal conduct, Biloxi attorney Corban Gunn can provide you with legal help. Contact Corban Gunn at 228.284.6805 or online for a free initial consultation of your case. There are time limits in which to file your claim, so it is important that you seek legal advice promptly. Our firm serves clients in Biloxi and throughout the Gulf Coast.



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