How Safe Are Mississippi’s Casinos?

Published on Mar 14, 2017 at 2:48 pm in Premises Liability.
How Safe Are Mississippi’s Casinos?

Between Biloxi’s casinos and the casinos along the Gulf Coast, there’s no denying the fact that Mississippi has some of the best places to gamble in the United States. Our state’s casinos have historically helped the Mississippi River area prosper, granting residents precious jobs back when the region was still developing. Thousands of local Mississippians and visitors alike enjoy gambling, eating out, and enjoying time with family and friends in our casinos every weekend.

Despite the success of our local casinos, it’s only natural to wonder if the same casinos we enjoy on a Friday or Saturday night out with friends are safe. Gambling involves three elements that are often seen as risky—money, alcohol, and large crowds of people. Combining all three is considered a recipe for disaster in many situations. What makes our casinos safe? How safe are they really?

To answer both questions, we must examine the facts. The first fact is a big one. Casinos employ a lot of workers. The casinos along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River employ thousands of workers just to stay in business. A large portion of those jobs are focused on keeping the establishments safe for residents and visitors.

By law, all Mississippi casino owners have a legal responsibility to prevent accidents and crimes from happening on their properties. This means they must employ security teams, surveillance teams, maintenance teams, and large enough gambling hall teams to ensure that guests are taken care of. Our casinos may be crowded, but when you enter one, you can rest assured that there are enough staff members on the premises to keep things in order.

Every Mississippi casino and gambling hall is equipped with updated security and surveillance systems that allow the security team on the premises to react quickly should a crime be committed. If an accident occurs, these same systems will be able to help staff members figure out what exactly happened and why.

Just because there are plenty of employees and security cameras on the premises doesn’t mean accidents or crimes won’t happen, of course. Everywhere you go, there is always some risk of an accident or crime. Depending on the nature of the incident, if you are a victim of an accident or crime on the premises of a casino, a legal area known as premises liability comes into play.

Premises Liability Laws for Mississippi Casinos

In the case of accidents, if you become seriously injured in an accident that could have been prevented at a casino, the casino owner may be able to be held liable for your injuries. A business owner is responsible for any injuries that occur on their property due to negligence. That owner has a duty to keep their property safe for visitors. When that duty is violated, they can be held responsible.

If, for example, you’re seriously injured in the bathroom of a casino due to a large water spill that wasn’t cleaned up and there weren’t signs posted, we call this a slip and fall accident. Effective and vigilant maintenance teams can prevent these types of accidents. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of premises liability claims. Other types of accidents may also fit under premises liability law that may happen at a casino.

There are certain types of crimes that a casino owner could be held liable for in the same manner. If a thievery occurs and it’s discovered that the casino didn’t employ enough security personnel, for example, the casino may be able to be held responsible for the stolen goods. Mississippi laws help protect casino guests from crimes or accidents regardless of whether they are caused by another guest or a staff member.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or crime that occurred in a Mississippi casino and you feel the incident could have been avoided or occurred due to negligence or careless actions, you have a legal right to hire a Biloxi, MS casino injury lawyer. Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law, can help you determine the cause for your injuries and tell you if filing a personal injury claim is in your best interest. Together, we can ensure our casinos are safe. Get in touch to find out how we can help.




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