Oil Rig Accidents

Labor on an oil rig or oil field is difficult, dangerous work. If you’re a worker on an oil field or offshore oil rig in the state of Mississippi, you deserve to know that if you’re hurt, you’ll receive the financial support you need to get better. If you need help getting the money you deserve to care for your family after getting hurt on the job, contact Biloxi, MS oil rig accident lawyer Corban Gunn for a consultation on your case. First, let’s go over some vital details about working on an oil rig in the state of Mississippi.

The Dangers of Working on a Mississippi Oil Rig

Offshore rigs can be perilous workplaces. Workers are on the job for eight to twelve hours a day, doing intense physical labor, and can make mistakes that put other workers at risk. Some companies, finding themselves short-handed, scramble to find enough workers and fail to conduct the training workers need to be safe on the rig. The combination of fatigue, inexperience, and a high level of difficulty can make offshore oil rigs chaotic workplace environments that are prone to injury.

Mississippi oil rigs are no exception. Our state is responsible for a large portion of our entire nation’s oil stock. During the year 2012, for example, Mississippi produced over 24 million barrels of oil. Most of the state’s oil production occurs in the mid-southern region of the state, along the Mississippi River, and along the Gulf Coast shoreline. Mississippi’s diverse shorelines give oil companies a wide range of production options.

While working on an oil rig, some injuries are more common than others. Some of the most common injuries and their sources include:

  • Injury from failure to comply with safety procedures or use of safety features
  • Injury from hazardous and volatile chemicals
  • Burns from high heat sources
  • Injury from rig or drill damage from rough seas and storms

Special laws apply to oil rig accident injuries. Unlike most workplace injury victims, those injured on an offshore oil rig are protected by more than just workers’ compensation laws. Whenever you’re hurt on the job and can be classified as a “seaman” –someone who works on a boat or other water vessel offshore, on the ocean, or on an intercoastal waterway – then your injuries will be covered by the Jones Act.

The Jones Act is a federal law that allows you to sue negligent owners and employers who fail to provide a safe working environment when you’re hurt on the job as an oil rig worker or other type of job where you spend most of your time working on a river or ocean vessel. Additional federal laws that affect maritime workers may also come into effect.

Recover with the Help of a Mississippi Oil Rig Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured while working on an offshore drilling site or oil rig, it is crucial that you find an attorney who understands and is experienced in the Jones Act as well as other maritime laws which may apply to your claim. Familiarity with these laws as well as the types and causes of injuries common to oil rig workers will make a substantial difference in the amount your attorney will be able to recover on your behalf.

You will also benefit from having an attorney who is skilled with negotiating with large corporations. Oil production corporations will do everything they can to fight your claim or hide the details of your injuries to get out of paying you the compensation your family deserves. With the aid of a skilled and experienced Biloxi, MS oil rig accident lawyer, you can clear the corporate tape and receive what you are owed.

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