How Soon Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Published on Jul 27, 2021 at 12:00 pm in Personal Injury.
How Soon Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After having an accident where you suffer from an injury, and it wasn’t your fault, you might be interested in filing a claim to hold the negligent party accountable for what they did. But you might be hesitant to reach out to hire a lawyer.

Seeking legal counsel can be intimidating. You might not know what to look for in a good lawyer, or how the process will go. You also might be hesitant to take legal action against another person, even though you want to hold them accountable. This whole process can feel very complex, but that’s why having a personal injury lawyer is important—they can guide you through it.

When Should You Reach Out to an Attorney?

In general, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as you can after you’ve been in an accident where you’re harmed and sustained damages. The best time to reach out to legal counsel is after you have been assessed by a doctor. That way, you’re approaching your potential lawyer with all the information you need about your injuries.

After you’ve been medically examined, your doctor will be able to tell you what your injuries are, if you’re disabled in any way, what your treatment will look like, and how much you’ll owe in medical bills. These records on top of a police report about what happened, witness statements, and pictures can all help you give your attorney a full scope of what happened on that first meeting.

The sooner you reach out to a personal injury lawyer, the sooner they can start investigating what happened and proving that the other party caused your injuries. Otherwise, you could wait too long and end up missing the window where you can file. Your attorney will know exactly how to handle your case and will work to get you justice, all you have to do is reach out to them quickly after your accident.

Even if you’re not sure if you need a lawyer, or if you’re not sure about taking legal action, it can still help to contact one to talk about your options and the best course of action for you. Finding a firm who offers free consultations is your best bet because you won’t feel the financial pressure yet just for the first meeting. At Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law, we offer free consultations so that you can feel more at ease when choosing to meet with a lawyer.

Mississippi Statute of Limitations

As mentioned above, it’s important to reach out for legal counsel quickly because you could wait too long and miss the time period when you could file. This is called the statute of limitations. Each state has their own timeline for how long you have to file a personal injury claim. In Mississippi, the statute of limitations depends on what was committed against you.

For most personal injuries, like car accidents, slip and falls, or construction accidents, you have three years after the injury date to file a claim against the responsible party. Instances of medical malpractice have different timelines. When a doctor is medically negligent, you have two years from the date of the action or the date of discovery to file a claim.

Having a lawyer on your side can help you ensure that you are within the statute of limitations. The process might seem complicated and like there are a lot of restrictions, but a personal injury attorney will be able to answer all of your questions and keep you informed every step of the way.

Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law Will Fight for You

You shouldn’t have to deal with a legal claim on your own. When you’ve been hurt by someone else’s negligence, you deserve to get justice. Having a Biloxi, MS personal injury lawyer on your side can give you the confidence that you need to take action against the negligent party.

At Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law, we’re here to guide you through your claim so that you can have peace of mind. We will handle the legal side of things so that you can focus on the most important thing, which is healing. Reach out to our office today so we can discuss your options.



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