How Serious is Road Rash?

Published on Sep 13, 2018 at 9:56 am in Motorcycle Accidents.
How Serious is Road Rash?

While there are many ways a person can sustain any type of injury, certain injuries are more common with some accidents than with others. Road rash, for example, is more common with motorcycle accidents. Road rash is an informal term for bodily abrasions caused by road surfaces. The severity of road rash varies greatly depending on the accident and any protective gear the rider had on.

Types of Road Rash

Road rash is a term that encompasses all road-related abrasions. There are different types of road rash, as well as varying degrees, depending on how it happens and how bad it is.

Avulsion road rash occurs when the skin on the body is scraped away as a result of the direct and harsh contact with the road. Layers of skin are often gone, only to expose fat, muscles, and bone. This is the most common type of road rash.

Open wound road rash is also common; however, it is more severe. Stitches are often required. This road rash faces the largest risk for infection because dirt and debris are likely to enter the wound and blood stream. In the most serious cases, skin grafts may be necessary.

Compression road rash happens when your body is trapped between two objects – like a motorcycle and a stationary object like another car. The pressure is likely to cause broken bones and intense muscle damage.

Regardless of the type of road rash you have, its severity is determined by degrees. First-degree road rash often results in small lacerations, bruising, and tenderness. Second-degree road rash requires immediate medical attention. There may be bleeding and exposed muscles or tendons. The most severe road rash, third-degree, may appear shiny. It will either be intensely painful or painless, depending on the amount of nerve damage. Medical attention is a must.

Caring for Road Rash

When you are treated for road rash, your medical team will most likely start by removing any dirt and debris from the injured area. You’ll receive instruction on how to care for your injuries. Daily wound care will be necessary to encourage proper healing and avoid bacterial infections. Your doctor is also likely to prescribe you pain medication. As the skin heals, new skin will require extra moisture to stay balanced.

If the skin is completely flayed, skin grafts may be necessary.  In the event of severe road rash, you may encounter permanent scarring or disfigurement.

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