How Is Black Box Data Used After a Commercial Truck Accident?

Published on Nov 26, 2019 at 12:29 pm in Truck Accidents.
How Is Black Box Data Used After a Commercial Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can be debilitating for everybody involved. But it can also be hard to determine fault in an accident involving such a large vehicle. Sometimes pictures of the scene alone cannot tell the story of what happened to cause an accident. Black box data can be helpful to the case.

You might be familiar with black box data from airplanes that aid in piecing together what caused a crash. Eighteen-wheelers have them as well for similar reasons. In a commercial truck accident, black box data is used to figure out what happened and prove who was at fault for the collision.

Evidence for Your Claim

After an accident with a semi-truck, black boxes can be used to retrieve important data. Black boxes are often also known as event data recorders (EDR) and electronic control modules (ECM), but are most commonly called electronic logging devices (ELD). These are sensors that record and save data from the truck’s trip. Some data that an ELD can record are:

  • Speed and any acceleration
  • GPS location
  • How and if the brakes were applied
  • If seat belts were used
  • Steering path and position

This specific data can come in handy to prove who was at fault for a truck accident because it is so precise. If the data shows that the truck driver reacted properly and was following all the laws, then it can prove the driver’s innocence in the accident. Or it can show that the truck driver was speeding and driving recklessly, so any other driver is not at fault for any crash that happened. A truck accident lawyer can help you determine what information you’ll need to determine fault after a collision with a large truck.

Federal Regulations for Black Boxes

The good news is that all commercial trucks must have these black boxes to track what they’re doing at all times. Formerly the MAP-21 Act, the bill H.R. 4348-383 was passed in January of 2012 and placed firm regulations on truck drivers. This bill requires all commercial trucks to include an ELD that records hours, location, operations of the vehicle, and they have to be tamper resistant. During a roadside inspection, law enforcement must be allowed access the data in an ELD.

The main reason for this act was to make sure that drivers do not drive for time frames longer than allowed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), which is an 11 hour driving limit before resting or taking time off driving. By tracking a trucker’s every move, a black box ensures that they are following the rules since they can be checked at any time. These regulations also allow law enforcement to have access to black boxes to determine cause and fault of a crash because the truck is guaranteed to have one logging driving data.

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