How Do Most Injuries Occur in Mississippi Casinos?

Published on Feb 28, 2019 at 8:18 am in Premises Liability.
How Do Most Injuries Occur in Mississippi Casinos?

When businesses fail to prioritize safety, they put their patrons and others at risk of getting hurt. This is not acceptable and unsafe businesses need to be held accountable for failing to take care of their property. If you were injured in a Mississippi casino, Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law can help you file a slip and fall claim.

Our firm is well-versed in the state’s premises liability laws and we will make sure that your best interests will be protected. You can rest assured that your representative is fighting for your rights no matter what. You may feel intimidated to go up against a casino, and these cases of negligence can get complex when trying to assign fault and finding out exactly what went wrong.

We understand how an injury can severely disrupt your life. There are many hindrances that can be frustrating, like waiting for the injury to heal, dealing with medical expenses and care, figuring out what you need to do to aid your recovery, and possibly having to miss work. It can put a significant financial burden on your shoulders.

How Does Negligence Hurt People in Casinos?

Casinos that don’t pay close attention to their environments or provide a safe premises for their customers could be the cause of serious injuries. Some of the most common kinds of premises liability issues are slip and fall accidents. This usually happens when there is spilled liquid that isn’t cleaned up, a surface is slippery but doesn’t have a warning sign, or there is some kind of debris or other hazard that can make people fall. A fall can unfortunately cause head injuries or broken bones. If the fall is from a significant height, the damages could be more severe.

You may not think of burns as a typical casino injury, however, they can happen. Some people could be injured by scalding liquid if there is an accident in one of the restaurants. Many people stay overnight in the casinos and use hotel appliances. If any of these are faulty, they could potentially burn the person staying there. These injuries cannot be taken lightly. If you’ve been burned, you need to seek medical treatment immediately because burns may become infected. Also, if the burn is left untreated, permanent scarring can ensue.

The casino could have broken or unsafe furniture, like old chairs or tables that can’t safely support people. This is especially common in casinos because people are constantly sitting and swiveling in and out of chairs as they move through the casino. After so many uses, the furniture can break down and potentially hurt someone. This is a greater threat to older patrons, who may not have the reaction time to avoid the fall or the strength to lift themselves back up after. Fractured or broken hips are especially dangerous to senior citizens, because they take a longer time to heal and are at a greater risk of getting an infection.

Casinos may also have pool areas that need to be carefully monitored so there aren’t any accidents. Slip and falls can occur here, but the pool also has to have safety measures like a gate that locks or other preventative measures so children or people who have had too much to drink cannot get into the pool and potentially put their life in danger.

A lot of casinos may have shuttle services that take people directly to them from the airport or another hotel. While this is a great option so people don’t have to think about their driving options, the shuttle needs to be safe and have a responsible driver. If the driver is distracted or otherwise negligent and causes an accident, the casino could be responsible for those injuries.

There’s also a possibility for a casino to have caused you harm even if you never went to the casino. It’s possible for a casino to have some liability in car accidents as well. If you were harmed in a car wreck by a drunk driver, it’s possible that they were overserved alcohol at a casino. The people serving alcohol in the casino are responsible for not giving clearly inebriated people more alcohol. If your lawyer proves that they were overserved at the casino, then they be partially liable for your injuries.

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