How a Smartphone Can Save Your Life After a Crash

Published on Sep 28, 2018 at 11:14 am in Car Accidents.
How a Smartphone Can Save Your Life After a Crash

Our smartphones go everywhere with us – from home to the office, and even to the bathroom. These devices keep us connected to the people who matter the most, as well as notify us as to what’s happening around us.

While we all use our smartphones in ways that best suit us, it’s important to know that these devices have even more power than we realize – the power to save lives. Keep reading to find out about the technology your phone has to save your life after a crash and the technology that may be developed in the future.

In the event you’re in an auto wreck, no matter how traumatic, your mind’s going to race to figure out what you’re supposed to do next. The phone that now may be on the passenger floor or under your feet is where you should start. While you do a quick evaluation of your injuries, focus on calling emergency services. The sooner they arrive at the scene, the better.

While you’ll most likely be able to give the operator a general idea of where you are, your phone’s GPS system has the ability to pinpoint your location. The operator may ask for permission to access your phones GPS, so they can get emergency responders to the scene of the car accident as quickly as possible. This is also incredibly useful if you or another driver happen to be unconscious after the wreck.

There are also apps, like SOSmart Automatic Car Crash Detection and CrashDetech which monitor your travels, detect crashes, and contract emergency dispatchers in the event of a collision. They also have features like locating the closest hospital and giving you information about your speed, acceleration, and braking during the accident. These apps are continually developing and there’s a likelihood that more will be released as the demand rises.

As technology advances, the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University theorizes even more ways your smartphone will be able to save your life. To decrease accidents rates and improve emergency responder time and situational understanding, they propose a system that allows smartphones, without the use of third-party apps, to automatically detect car accidents and report them. The system also has the potential to upload photos or live stream video from the crash site for the benefit of the first responders.

While the advancements above are only in their infancy, there’s a likely chance that some form of the technology will be released in the future. If you, however, find yourself in a car accident in the present, our Mississippi car accident lawyer can help with your claim if you find yourself confused about the legal aspects or concerned about receiving the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.




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