Examining the Dangers of Semi Truck Accidents

Published on Mar 30, 2017 at 10:24 am in Truck Accidents.
Examining the Dangers of Semi Truck Accidents

Semi trucks are a necessary evil on American roadways.  Commerce as we know it is made possible by the transportation of goods in the trailers of semis.  But semi trucks present a dangerous threat to drivers of passenger cars and pickup trucks.  About 450,000 accidents between semi trucks and passenger vehicles happen on United States roadways every year, killing about 5,000 people.  Of those deaths, more than 75 percent were in the passenger vehicle.

Semi trucks are dangerous to passenger vehicles because of their size.  An average passenger vehicle weighs 3,000 pounds.  The legal maximum weight of a semi truck is 80,000 pounds.  Simple physics dictates that when a small object and a large object collide, the small object will experience more damage.  This is why when semi trucks and passenger vehicles are in an accident, more damage is done to the passenger vehicle and the people riding inside.

Semi trucks are much longer than passenger cars.  This means they require more time and distance to pass.  Because of their length, semi trucks have blind spots on both sides of their trailer.  A blind spot is an area of the road that the semi truck driver is unable to see.  No matter how many additional mirrors a semi truck has, it will still have blind spots.  Passenger cars attempting to pass a semi truck inevitably get lost in the blind spot for a period of time.  This creates a dangerous situation where a semi truck can collide with the passenger car simply because they cannot see them.

Semi truck drivers are often fighting extreme fatigue.  Drivers of trucks are under pressure to meet specific delivery times at destinations across the country.  And a shortage of drivers has created situations where drivers are being overworked.  A recent study showed that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.  Drowsy drivers of semi trucks suffer from a decrease in awareness time, reaction time, and impaired judgment.  This leads to an increased risk of accident and collision with innocent passenger vehicles on the road around them.

Trucking companies are notorious for cutting corners on semi truck maintenance.  The federal government has laws in place to regulate the maintenance of every semi truck on U.S. roadways.  But many companies are careless in following these laws and do not properly maintain the brakes, tires, signals, engines, and lights of the trucks.  An ill equipped truck is more difficult to drive.  Factor in bad weather, and a semi truck becomes a dangerous accident just waiting to happen.

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