Don’t Let Your Christmas Tree Become a Fire Hazard

Published on Dec 14, 2017 at 9:47 am in Personal Injury.
Don’t Let Your Christmas Tree Become a Fire Hazard

One of the best Christmas traditions is getting a tree and decorated it with a star, lights, and ornaments. People who choose live trees can purchase one already cut or go to a Christmas tree farm and cut their own.

No matter what tree you get, you have to take care of it for it to stay healthy and above all, safe. When trees aren’t properly taken care of, they can dry up and become a serious fire hazard. It doesn’t take much for a dry Christmas tree to catch on fire, and only a few more seconds for it to go up in flames. According to FEMA, about 1 out of every 34 home Christmas tree fires resulted in death.

Tips to Care for a Live Christmas Tree

The more knowledge you have about caring for a live Christmas tree, the safer you will be this season. The Department of Agriculture from South Dakota has a detailed list of how to take the best care of your tree.

  • Know Your Tree. Some trees retain their needles longer than others, making them ideal for the Christmas season.
  • Getting a Pre-Cut Christmas Tree. When trees are cut, they immediately start to lose moisture. The best way to keep a pre-cut tree fresh is to store it in a dark, cool area.
  • Choose-and-Cut Christmas Trees. Cutting your own tree will give you a fresh start when you get it.
  • At Home. First, cut about one inch above the original cut of the tree, so you open the tree’s pores, so it can absorb the water. The best thing for your tree is to get it in the stand with water as soon as possible. A fresh tree should have ¼ to ½ gallon of water a day. With consistent watering, a Christmas tree can last about a month.
  • When Your Tree Dries Out. When your tree is dry, you need to dispose of it. After the holidays, you might not want to immediately take down your tree, but a dry tree is a fire hazard.

What are Some Other Holiday Fire Safety Tips?

Christmas trees are one of the major fire hazards of the season, but there are other dangers you might not be aware of.

  • Consider Using Flameless Candles. Candles and tealights are common decorations for the season. But it’s easy to forget open flames or put a candle too close to another flammable decoration. 2 out of 5 fires are started by candles that ignite decorations.
  • Keep Heat Sources Away from Christmas Trees. While your Christmas tree might be watered and healthy, make sure your tree is 3 feet away from heat sources like your fireplace, radiator, space heaters and others.
  • Read Instructions on Lights. They will tell you how many light strands you can connect at one time. Overloading it will create a fire hazard.

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