Drug Crimes

Mississippi drug laws are harsh. Police and prosecutors put a lot of time and resources into arresting and prosecuting people for drug crimes, and the penalties for a conviction can include serious fines and jail time. In some instances, drug convictions are handed out unfairly and harsher than they should be. Police officers and prosecutors do not always examine every side of a drug offense or the circumstances of the crime. Police officers can also be needlessly aggressive during a conviction.

If you’ve experienced any of these unfair circumstances involving a drug crime or offense you were involved in, you deserve to know that legal assistance may be an option. Individuals who are arrested of a drug offense still have civil rights and must be treated as such. If you were unfairly convicted of a drug crime, your sentence was delivered too harshly, or were treated unfairly during the conviction, legal recourse may be available.

Biloxi, MS drug crime lawyer Corban Gunn will examine your case from every angle and fight on your behalf if you feel your civil rights are being violated after being charged with a Mississippi drug offense. He will be by your side every step of the way, looking out for you, protecting your rights, and fighting to get you the best results possible.

A Brief Look at Mississippi Drug Laws

Drug crimes in Mississippi are generally categorized by the circumstances of the conviction as well as what intent there appeared to be. For example, you could be arrested for any of the following:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Narcotics sale or trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing or cultivation

The state of Mississippi outlaws a long list of drugs including cocaine, heroin, LSD, and a seemingly endless list of other substances you may never even have heard of. Recent state laws have also decriminalized marijuana to some degree in Mississippi. This means that first-time possessors of marijuana are not generally faced with lasting charges or jail time. This law, unfortunately, is often ignored by police officers and prosecutors. Cannabis extracts that are high in CBD are also allowed for certain medical conditions currently.

Illegal drugs are placed on one of five different “schedules” in Mississippi according to factors such as their medicinal value and their potential for abuse. The type of drug involved and the schedule it is on in part determine the range of consequences if convicted. Other factors include the amount of drugs involved, what role the person played in the offense, whether he or she cooperated with the police, and the individual’s criminal record.

For a marijuana conviction to be decriminalized in Mississippi, the possessor must only be in possession of a small amount. Further convictions of possession or any evidence of selling, growing, or distribution may result in heavy fines and even jailtime. If marijuana is found in a car, or if a larger amount is involved, the consequences go up severely. There is also the potential to be arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of marijuana or other drugs.

How a Mississippi Drug Crime Attorney Can Help

Most drug offenses are felonies and often come with heavy fines and lengthy jail sentences. Some offenses may be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies. Depending on the nature of your conviction and those that convicted you, you may find yourself in a situation where you were unfairly convicted or given too harsh of a sentence.

With the help of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who’s on your side and can thoroughly investigate your case and conviction, you may be able to get a less severe sentence or even have your offense downgraded to one that may not haunt you for years afterwards. Without the help of an attorney, no one will be able to speak on your behalf.

There are many other ways your attorney can help you. Drug arrests are often subject to constitutional challenges regarding whether the initial stop was lawful, and whether any search was justified at its inception or exceeded the lawfully permissible scope. Challenges to evidence such as witness identifications or observations are also possible.

Biloxi, MS drug crime lawyer Corban Gunn will fight hard to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced wherever possible. He will also seek to find the best possible resolution of your case through probation, treatment, drug court, or other available diversion programs. Should you choose to take your case to trial, you will find that you have a fierce, determined ally putting forward a strong defense in the courtroom.

If you have been arrested for a drug offense in Biloxi, along the Gulf Coast, or anywhere in Mississippi, call Corban Gunn as soon as possible to discuss the merits of your case. If you believe the police suspect you of a crime and an arrest may be imminent, giving our office a call may additionally be in your best interest.



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