Biloxi, MS Casino Injury Lawyer

Biloxi, Mississippi is home to many successful casinos including Harrah’s Gulf Coast, the Palace Casino Resort, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Treasure Bay Casino. In fact, Mississippi has one of the world’s largest populations of casinos. When you and your friends go out for an evening of gambling, you expect to have fun and stay safe, assuming the casino will fulfill its duty to prevent any unnecessary injuries among its guests.

Casinos are not always safe, however. Injury-inducing accidents and violent crimes are not unheard of at Mississippi casinos. Casino owners and employees have a legal duty to keep guests safe and do everything they can to prevent accidents. When an injury or violent crime occurs due to the negligence or careless actions of the owner or an employee, the casino may be able to be held legally responsible.

If a casino owner, for example, is negligent in carrying out their responsibilities as a property owner and business operator, guests may become seriously hurt. If enough security or maintenance personnel aren’t hired or properly trained, guests may become a victim of a violent crime. When individual employees fail to follow work duties, injury may result. These are all examples where it may be possible to take legal action against the casino owner and/or employees.

Filing a lawsuit against the casino may help you and your family recover from any sustained injuries and/or suffering that resulted from the accident or crime. In addition, filing a claim ensures that the casino owner takes steps to prevent future accidents or crimes from happening. Lawsuits are incredibly powerful and can force business owners to do what is right.

If you’ve been injured or harmed at a Biloxi or Gulf Coast casino in Mississippi and feel that the casino owner’s negligence and/or carelessness may be at fault, you need the help of a knowledgeable and aggressive Biloxi, MS casino injury lawyer. Personal injury attorney Corban Gunn is ready to accept your claim and fight on behalf of you and your family.

Mississippi Casino Accidents Caused by Negligent or Inadequate Security

Whenever heightened emotions from high-stakes entertainment and alcohol mix, people can act in unpredictable and unsafe ways. Casinos understand the risks involved when they serve their patrons alcohol, and they understand that tempers can flare up when money is involved. Because of these risks, casino owners and employees have a duty to take adequate security measures to protect patrons from harm.

These measures should include:

  • Hiring enough security personnel based on the size of the casino and the number of guests
  • Training security personnel adequately
  • Reviewing the criminal histories of any security personnel or other staff
  • Using surveillance video cameras throughout the property
  • Ensuring that guests exhibiting dangerous or violent behavior posing a threat to other guests are promptly removed
  • Installing adequate lighting throughout the casino and adjacent parking lots

If you’re hurt by another patron or intruder while visiting a casino, you might be owed compensation for the casino’s negligent failure to provide adequate security. Casinos likewise bear a responsibility to ensure that their security staff are not excessively aggressive toward patrons and respect the rights and personal integrity of each guest. If a member of a casino’s security personnel injured you, you may be entitled to file an assault lawsuit and receive compensation for those injuries.

The Occurrence of Slip and Fall Accidents in Mississippi Casinos

Casinos can be bustling places, often housing restaurants and bars in addition to gambling facilities. When casinos provide food and beverages for their patrons, they have a duty to regularly inspect and remove any hazards to guests in the form of spilled drinks or food. If you’re visiting a riverboat casino, the business owners must also ensure that decks and entrances remain dry and free from dangerous and slippery pools of water.

If you were seriously injured in a slipping, falling, or tripping accident inside a casino, we refer to these types of accidents as slip and fall accidents. These accidents are preventable with the presence of a large enough maintenance staff and should be prevented 100% of the time. When a casino owner is careless regarding the upkeep and/or maintenance of their casino, you deserve to be compensated for your medical expenses, costs of rehabilitation, and more.

Get Help Today with a Mississippi Casino Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt because of a hazardous condition or inadequate security at one of Mississippi’s numerous casinos, you should contact an attorney right away. Certain tribal-owned casinos can involve complex sovereign immunity protections which require assistance from an attorney knowledgeable about filing claims under an exception to this immunity. Additionally, casinos will be eager to encourage you to release your claims or settle for less than you’re owed.

To ensure that you receive the full compensation amount you deserve for your Mississippi casino injury claim, contact dedicated Biloxi, MS casino injury lawyer Corban Gunn for a free consultation. You may contact 228.284.6805 or use our law firm’s convenient contact form to get in touch. Together, we can keep our casinos safe for everyone’s enjoyment.



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