Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be extremely painful, traumatizing, and pose a serious threat to your health. If you have received burn injuries as the result of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, you may be entitled to seek compensation, but you need to understand the full extent of your injuries to ensure that you are fully compensated.

At the Biloxi personal injury law offices of Corban Gunn, we have both a technical understanding of these injuries and vast experience before Mississippi courts litigating burn injury and other traumatic accident claims. From along the Gulf Coast and up into southern Mississippi, contact Corban Gunn for a consultation on your possible burn injury lawsuit.

Different Types of Serious Burns

Burns are identified by degrees of severity, from first to third degree. First-degree burns are burns of only the outer layer of skin, and second-degree burns have penetrated to other layers of skin.

Third-degree burns destroy all layers of skin. Due to the damage burns cause to nerve endings, they are considered one of the most painful injuries. In addition to the pain, burns make the body highly vulnerable to infection by removing the protective outer layers of skin. If a burn area develops a bacterial infection, it can lead to sepsis, a potentially lethal condition that can alter the body’s heart rate. Burns can also damage underlying muscles, blood vessels, and bones. This level of injury is known medically as a fourth-degree burn.

Not only can skin be damaged by burns and fires, but inhaling smoke can cause serious respiratory issues. Smoke can also damage kidneys, resulting in kidney failure. If the fire is sufficiently serious, it can consume all the available oxygen in the building, resulting in deprivation of oxygen to the brain. This can cause a condition known as cerebral hypoxia, characterized by serious brain damage to smoke inhalation victims.

Recovering with the Help of a Mississippi Burn Injury Attorney

At Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law, our attorneys can assist you in seeking recovery for burn injuries arising from:

  • Car accidents and car fires
  • House fires
  • Industrial accidents
  • Chemical burns
  • Defective gasoline or propane tanks
  • Defective hot water heaters
  • Faulty smoke alarms
  • Faulty home wiring resulting in electrical burns and fires

Victims of burn injuries will incur a great deal of expense, possibly including in-patient medical treatment, skin grafts, cosmetic surgery, and therapy to treat the emotional harm of a traumatic event. If you’ve experienced burn injuries throughout the state of Mississippi, seek out compassionate and seasoned legal assistance to make sure you get the help you need. Contact Corban Gunn, Biloxi, MS burn injury lawyer, for a free consultation at 228.284.6805 or via our online contact form.



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