4 Tips to Ease the Recovery Process After a Car Crash

Published on Nov 9, 2017 at 9:54 am in Car Accidents.
4 Tips to Ease the Recovery Process After a Car Crash

After a car crash, your body could be in shock or have a rush of adrenaline that masks any injuries you’ve sustained. You might not think anything is wrong with you, but that’s the chemical response blocking your ability to feel pain.

While you’ll want to get back to your normal life, you need to take time to recover. If you ignore the recovery process and don’t give your body time to heal, you will end up doing more damage and you’ll have to wait even longer before you can get back to your daily life.

If you’ve been in a car accident in Mississippi, you might be able to get compensation for the crash. The car accident lawyers at Corban Gunn can help you. We will fight for your rights and do all we can to make your case as strong as possible.

Does the Size of a Law Firm Matter?

Published on Oct 26, 2017 at 10:34 am in General.
Does the Size of a Law Firm Matter?

Your search for the right law firm probably includes a lot of research, notes, and a hefty pro/con list. You’re trying to narrow down your options and pick the one that you like the most. A large law firm could appeal to you at first, but this isn’t necessarily the best choice. The size of a law firm doesn’t reflect its quality of work or how the lawyers will treat their clients.

Small law firms have their unique characteristics that set them apart from large law firms. When looking for a firm, you should consider adding a few small law firms to your list. While larger law firms might treat you like a case number, small law firms have the time to focus on you as an individual.

What You Don’t Want in a Personal Injury Lawyer

Published on Oct 12, 2017 at 10:20 am in General.
What You Don’t Want in a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve suffered an injury and are seeking to file a lawsuit, you need a capable and understanding lawyer at your side. Their skills and support will guide you through the process and be a source for information if you have any questions along the way.

But not all lawyers have the same standards. When you need a personal injury lawyer, you should give yourself options and choose the one that exhibits the best qualities that a lawyer should have. If you’re meeting with a lawyer and they start to show characteristics of a bad personal injury lawyer, don’t work with them.

What Should I Talk to My Doctor About After a Car Crash?

Published on Sep 28, 2017 at 1:43 pm in Car Accidents.
What Should I Talk to My Doctor About After a Car Crash?

A car crash is an unfortunate and life-changing experience.  It is traumatizing, disorienting, and painful.  Whether your injuries are minor or severe, it is important that you see your doctor as soon as you can.  Car accident injuries can have long-term implications, and minor injuries that are left untreated can develop into serious, debilitating problems.

With so much to consider, it can be difficult to know what you need to discuss with your doctor.  It is important to seek advice for more than just your present pain and symptoms.  Here are few topics you should discuss with your doctor after a crash:

Long-term Recovery.   Your doctor will certainly provide treatment for injuries that are bothering you right now, but it is equally important to discuss your long-term treatment concerns.  Can the pain from your injury reoccur again later?  Will you need to seek treatment from a specialist for your injury to fully heal?  Your injury may also have external symptoms that are masking a more severe injury internally.  It is a good idea to request x-rays of any area that you are feeling pain.

When is a Mississippi Resort Responsible for Your Injuries?

Published on Sep 19, 2017 at 10:01 am in Premises Liability.
When is a Mississippi Resort Responsible for Your Injuries?

Mississippi is a popular destination for anyone who loves to gamble, socialize, and be entertained.  The endless buffets, excitement, and fun found in Mississippi resorts and casinos make them a great place for travelers and locals to relax and find separation from the usual daily grind.

However, an accident in a resort or casino can leave you feeling helpless and confused.  Instead of great memories and a smile on your face, you could be going home with a debilitating injury and a long road to recovery– as well as questions about who can be held liable for your injuries and under what circumstances.

The Top 4 Baby Products Likely to Cause Injury

Published on Aug 24, 2017 at 10:45 am in Product Liability.
The Top 4 Baby Products Likely to Cause Injury

A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that baby injuries associated with the use of certain types of baby products are on the rise.  Analyzing 21 years of hospital emergency room data, the study reported a 23.7 percent increase in injuries to young children between 2003 and 2011.  Most injuries were to the child’s head, neck, or face, and 80 percent of injuries were the result of a fall.

Many injuries occur because the caregiver misuses the product or simply does not know how to use it properly, but several injuries were the result of a product defect or design flaw in the manufacturing process.  The study found that four types of baby products were the most likely to cause injury:

Announcing Our Fall 2017 Scholarship Winner

Published on Aug 14, 2017 at 8:30 am in News.

Everyone at Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping our local and nationwide communities build strong foundations that will lead to a brighter future. As part of that dedication, we decided to start a scholarship this year. The Fall 2017 submission period just came to a close, and we were truly humbled by the amount of applications we received as well as the overall quality of every essay. Thank you to everyone who applied!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve chosen a winner. Congratulations to Andrew W. Muggleton of Williamsport, Pennsylvania!

Andrew will be an incoming freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology.

What is a “Slip and Fall” Accident?

Published on Aug 2, 2017 at 10:55 am in Premises Liability.
What is a “Slip and Fall” Accident?

“Slip and fall” is a term that is used to to describe personal injury cases in which a person trips and is injured on someone else’s property. An injury, even a minor injury, must be sustained to have a slip and fall case.  These cases usually fall under the broader legal category of premises liability claims, because the accident occurred do to a defect or mismanagement of someone’s property.

Dangerous conditions like potholes, narrow stairs, poorly lit walkways, sidewalk cracks, and wet floors can lead to slip and fall accidents.  Bad weather can contribute to dangerous outdoor walkways that become a hazard when the property owner fails to maintain or clear them of debris.

How to Report an Unsafe Truck Driver in Mississippi

Published on Jul 26, 2017 at 9:54 am in Truck Accidents.
How to Report an Unsafe Truck Driver in Mississippi

Most truck drivers on the road are professional and respectful and drive with concern for the safety of all the vehicles around them.  But unfortunately, not all truck drivers can be described this way, and every once in a while you may encounter a driver who is dangerous, reckless, and threatening in their behavior.  As a responsible driver, there are steps you can take to report these drivers and help keep other drivers on the road safe.

How to File a Federal Report

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the national regulator for moving companies.  This includes bus and truck companies, and depending on the circumstances, they may be able to process a complaint about unsafe driving.

Complaints to the FMSCA must involve violations that occurred within the last 60 days and must be about interstate or hazardous materials carriers.  The FMCSA has jurisdiction over “interstate” activity, or moving vehicles that travel in more than one state.  The FMSCA does not require that complaints about hazardous materials carriers involve interstate activity, nor do they require that they by submitted within 60 days.

Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Mississippi

Published on Jul 18, 2017 at 8:30 am in Car Accidents.
Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Mississippi

If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run accident in Mississippi, you’re likely feeling incredibly frustrated—and just a little bit hopeless. Any time a vehicle leaves the scene of an accident—whether it’s a car vs. car crash, a vehicle vs. pedestrian crash, or an accident where a vehicle hits property—this is defined as a hit-and-run accident.

Leaving the scene of any type of accident is a federal crime. Federal and local laws in Mississippi both state that any driver involved in a crash must pull over and provide their insurance information. Hit-and-run drivers are punishable by law. During the aftermath of a hit-and-run crime, you may feel that the guilty driver may not be caught and punished, but the opposite is generally true. By remaining calm and doing everything you can to help the police, you can help ensure the driver is found.



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