4 Common Areas for Serious Burn Injuries

Published on Aug 23, 2018 at 10:00 am in Personal Injury.
4 Common Areas for Serious Burn Injuries

A mild sunburn can cause discomfort and often calls for extra coats of aloe. When a person is severely burned, it’s an entirely different world. Recovery can be a long and painful process, resulting in permanent disfigurement or disability.

According to the CDC, 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention each year. Of those individuals, approximately 4,500 will die from their injuries or complications. Burns are some of the worst pain the body can experience. Many times, burns are caused by preventable accidents.

Common Types of Burn Accidents

The most serious of burn injuries are typically a result of car accidents, industrial accidents, and house fires. With a car fire, a person is likely to get trapped in the vehicle if it’s caught on fire. Industrial burns are often the result of improperly using chemicals or defective equipment. House fires occur for a variety of reasons; however, faulty water heaters and defective smoke alarms or wiring are common causes.

4 Common Bodily Burn Areas

1) Face / Neck

Severe facial and neck burns are common with car accident victims, because of their proximity to the flames. Healing times vary; however, there it’s likely plastic surgery will be needed. Permanent disfigurement can occur.

2) Hands

Hands are common burn areas because of how often we use them. Severe chemical burns can result with or without the use of gloves. While the palm of your hand only accounts for one percent of your body surface area, severe burns can result in short-term and long-term disability.

3) Legs

Leg burns can be difficult to treat. In the event skin graphs are needed, your doctor may use some of the skin from your back. Walking is often impossible until the burns have healed significantly, and physical therapy may be needed to regain as much mobility as possible.

4) Feet

While it could be assumed burns on feet are less common because people often wear shoes, this is not the case. In the event of a serious house fire or car accident, there may be no way to avoid the direct contact of fire to your feet. Shoes may melt on the feet, causing an even more significant amount of damage.

Medical expenses for burn victims can be astronomical because of the number of procedures, surgeries, and treatments they may have to endure. In the event you’ve experienced a traumatic event leading to severe burns in Mississippi, our burn injury lawyer can help you seek justice for the negligence that led to your accident. Request your free consultation today.



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